Screening applicants is hard work

We do run a background check on each applicant which includes a credit check. Credit does not have to be perfect but we don't want to chase you for the money.

We want to rent the unit so if we can qualify you we will welcome you as a resident


We don't want people with a violent  history or one  not showing a willingness to follow rules or laws that society has felt are important.  To do these checks we need each adult's signature on our application.  We, landlords,have to pay for these reports 


If we get an honest aplication we can give you a pretty good idea as to if you would qualify.  After this if you want us to proceed we collect a $20 application fee from each adult we need to order a report on.  If you end up moving in we will credit the fee to the first mon


  • We don't require credt to be perfect and will listen to explaination, but we don't want to be chasing the rent. The report will give you a credit score.Here is a basic Idea of what the credit score tells us:                  

    • Scores of 750-799 have a delinquency rate of less than 2%
    •               700 to 749 have a delinquency rate of 5%
    •               699 to 650 have a delinguency rate of 15%
    •               600 to 649 have a delinguence rate of 39%
    •               550 to 599 have a delinquency rate of 51%
    •               500 to 549 have a deluquency rate of 71%
    •               under 499  a rate of delinquenct 87%





If you have a low credit score we will accept a person that is a good risk as a co-signer. If you have a borderline socre we might just ask for additonal money as your security deposit.


We also require a former landord answer some question, currrent landoord the same.


Income will vary with the size a larger group


References are needed also. The amount of debt you have also plays a part also as does late payments


Also  we considered length of time on job or a similar  job


No pets


Court reports



You will also be given the opportunity to put a deposit down, which is refundable is rejected. WE DO CONTINUUE TO SHOW PLACES UNTILL WE RECEIVE A DEPOSIT.


Generally we have the screening completed within 24 hour.  Waiting for callbacks sometime delay process.

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